The name reveals the direct origin. In Asia, this type of betting has developed, which is mainly intended to help hedge a bet that is just not won. In the most popular betting forums like the 22Bet app, this alternative is very popular and frequently used. European bookmakers have also included Asian Handicaps in their program for a long time. The notation is usually done using the abbreviation AHC and then the appropriate handicap. The special feature compared to the normal handicap is again in the notation. On the one hand up to two decimal places are indicated, on the other hand between the numbers instead of a comma often only a point takes place. A possible Asian Handicap is thus expressed as: AHC – 0.75 or AHC – 1.0.



The rules of this type of bet are a bit more difficult to explain. Basically, all Asian Handicap bets are always 2-way bets only. This means that a draw including handicap will result in you getting the money back to the account. The AHC -1.0 thus leads to cashback if the desired team wins by exactly one goal margin. For those who do not follow this interpretation, I recommend the article on the normal handicap. Beside the round handicap, which has a zero after the decimal point, there are the variants 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75. The AHC – 1.5 or AHC -2.5 may be considered quite usual. If you win by at least 2 goals, the AHC -1.5 is won by 0.5 goals, while the AHC – 2.5 is lost by 0.5 goals if you lead by exactly 2 goals.

It is much more difficult with the AHC +0.25 and AHC +0.75. In this case you cannot win the bet with 0.25 goals lead, but you have to split this bet. An AHC +0.25 means that half of the bet has been settled at the value of AHC 0.0 and the other half as AHC +0.5. The AHC +0.75 is analogous. Accordingly, half of the bet is placed at AHC +1.0 and the other half at AHC +0.5.

AN EXAMPLE – Bundesliga match

AN EXAMPLE - Bundesliga match

An example should underline the theoretical explanation. Assume the home match of FC Bayern Munich against FC Augsburg. The bookmaker could issue the following betting odds:

Bayern Munich AHC -2.25 @1.90

FC Augsburg AHC +2,.25 @ 1.90

The AHC -2.25 on FC Bayern means that 50% of the bet is placed on AHC -2 and the remaining stakes on the AHC – 2.5. This results in three different constellations depending on the result:

1.) FC Bayern Munich wins with at least a 3 goal lead. This means that the bet is won, since both partial bets are won. With a victory of 4:1 Bayern wins under deduction of the handicap still to 50% with 2:1 and to 50% with 1.5:1.

2) The Munich team does not win, or wins by a maximum of one goal. This means that FCB loses in both partial cases, taking into account the handicap, and you lose the bet.

3) Bayern wins by exactly 2 goals. Thus the partial bet on the AHC -2.50 is lost, then under deduction of the handicap the FCB is in arrears with half a goal. The second partial bet leads exactly to a draw, so this bet is refunded. You will receive 50% of the stakes back to the account after this game.

4) In the case of a tip on Augsburg, the evaluation is of course identical. In the event of a 2 – goal defeat, half of the bet would be considered correct, while the other half would be returned to your account without any profit or loss. Your profit (minus stake) in this case is calculated as: (0.5*1.9 + 0.5*1)* stake – stake. A bet of 10 Euros will result in a payout of 14.50 Euros and a profit (see formula) of 4.50 Euros.

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